Animals of Madagascar

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Picture of indri looking down from tree
Indri (Indri indri) 69K
Picture of crowned lemur
Crowned Lemur(Lemur coronatus) 44K
Picture of brown lemur
Brown Lemur (Lemur fulvus) ? 72K

Picture of tame ringtailed lemur in flowerbed
Ringtailed Lemur (Lemur catta) 76K
Picture of crested drongo on bare branch
Crested Drongo (Dicrurus forficatus) 42K
Picture of kingfisher in large-leaved plant
Madagascar Malachite Kingfisher (Alcedo vintsioides) 32K
clipped from larger original
Picture of sunbird in bush
Souimanga Sunbird (Nectarinia souimanga) 54K
Picture of magpie robin on bare branch
Madagascar Magpie Robin (Copsychus albospecularis) 26K
clipped from larger original
Picture of sunbird on flower
Longbilled green sunbird (Nectarinia notata) 41K
Picture of hardly visible gecko on treetrunk
Madagascar flat-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus spec.) 88K
Picture of Parsons Chameleonn
Parsons Chameleon (Calumma brevicornis) 62K
Picture of big orange-red frog
Tomato Frog (Dyscophus antongili)? 55K
clipped from larger original
Picture of huge black and white butterfly on flower
Butterfly (Pharmacophagus antenor) 51K
Picture of large spider in web
Spider (Nephila?) 56K
Picture of Chaberts Vanga
Chaberts Vanga (Leptopterus chabert) 34K
clipped from larger original
Picture of Grey Chameleon
Oustelets Chameleon (Furcifer oustaleti) 58K
Picture of Indri calling
Indri (Indri indri) 49K
Picture of Small Madagascar Gecko
Small Gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus?) 43K
clipped from larger original
Picture of Fossa
Fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) 80K
Picture of Small Chameleon
Carpet Chameleon (Furcifer campani) 101K
Picture of Madagascar Iguana
Madagascar Iguana (Oplurus quadrimaculatus?) 46K
Picture of Parsons Chameleon
Parsons Chameleon (Chamaeleo parsonii) 66K
Picture of Red Dragonfly
Madagascar Dragonfly 27K
Picture of tail of Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) 60K
Picture of Humpback Whales
Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) 49K
Picture of Madagascar Kestrel
Madagascar Kestrel (Falco newtoni) 63K

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