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A quiet winter stop for Mika Hakkinen concerning his race activities. Being not the world champion anymore he had much less appearances and demonstrations to do than the past two years. Mika spent much of his time in Finland where his wife Erja gave birth to his first son Hugo (Boss?).

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The testing of the new McLaren MP4/16 was mostly done by the teams new test driver Alexander Wurz. The rest of the package remained unchained: Mika is McLarens first driver, driving car NR. 3. David Coulthard is still his teammate driving car NR. 4. The MP4/16 is still powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine, the main sponsor is still West.

flagaus.gif (142 bytes) Australia, 4 march ( www.grandprix.com.au )

A Broken front suspension Down Under

The first race of the season shows how the teams have developed in the last few months. It appeared that the McLarens and the Ferrari´s are still the fastest of the field, but behind those two the battle for third intensifies: Williams, Jordan and BAR are the main contenders for third place. Sauber is doing very well so far, but Benetton is much worse than the past years. Jaguar, Arrows, Prost and Minardi are struggling in the backfield.

Mika Häkkinen qualified third for the first race of the new 2001 season, behind the two worldchampion-Ferrari’s of Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. Mika made a positive start and had gained a position by the first corner followed by Heinz- Harald Frentzen in the Jordan.

On the fifth laphowever there is a massive coming together between Ralf Schumachers Williams-BMW and Jacques Villeneuves BAR-Honda where the BAR became airborne and slammed into the wall. A terrifying moment for all concerned but the 1997 champion is okay, however both drivers are out of the race. "Yes I am okay," Villeneuve said after the event. "Ralf was in the middle of the track and I didn't know if he would let me overtake him on the left or the right and he braked late." "I just saw Jacques coming up behind me and then him crashing," added Ralf Schumacher. As a result of the incident the safety car was deployed for the following ten laps.

The race restarted on lap 16 and Mika, who was in second position, kept constant pressure on Michael Schumacher until lap 25. Mika Hakkinen’s race finished on lap 25 when his car had a front right suspension failure which caused him to go off the track at Stewart corner. It was reported that the Finn had some marks on his helmet and he was slightly concussed.

Mika: ‘Something broke on the car, which caused me to go off the track and hit the barrier at the entry of Stewart. I hit the brakes and then lost control of the car. I went to the medical centre for a check up as something hit my helmet but I’m fine. It was a shame as we were looking good and in hindsight our strategy might have given us a race win.’

By lap 32 David had closed in on Rubens Barrichello, and passed the second place car on the outside in a superb manoeuvre at turn three to claim the position. During the closing stages of the race, David traded lap times with eventual race winner Schumacher displaying the speed of the MP4-16, and finished the race in second position less than two seconds behind Schumacher.

The event was overshadowed by the death of a Marshall who lost his life when the BAR-Honda of Jacques Villeneuve and the Williams-BMW of Ralf Schumacher collided. Michael Schumacher took his 5th victiory in a row before David Coulthard and third Rubens Barrichello.

flagmal.gif (364 bytes) Malaysia, 18 march ( www.malaysiangp.com.my )

Tropical thundershowers in Malaysia

Mika qualified fourth for the Malaysian GP at Sepang, near Kuala Lumpur.

The race began under hot and sunny conditions. Michael Schumacher had a good start, however his younger brother and Rubens Barrichello touch, sending the Williams spinning. Mika Hakkinen: ‘I got stuck at the first corner when Ralf Schumacher spun in front of me and lost four positions.’

David Coulthard is flew through the field from his eighth starting place to move into fourth ahead of Mika Hakkinen. The Ferraris slide in the oil deposited on the circuit from Panis BAR and they are both off. The skies open up and heavy rain begins to pour onto the circuit to add to the excitement. On lap three Jarno Trulli leads, followed by David Coulthard.

Utter chaos reigns as almost every car slides off the circuit. All cars pit for wets, but it's disaster for Ferrari: The pit crew are a wheel short for Rubens Barrichello and the stop takes over a minute and Michael is parked behind him the entire time.The safety car was deployed when the heavy rain hit. David Coulthard leads with Frentzen in second and Jos Verstappen in third. Villeneuve, Heidfeld, Bernoldi, Montoya, Panis, Raikkonen have all retired by this stage and Michael Schumacher is down in 11th place behind Rubens Barrichello who sits in tenth. The McLarens are at the front of the pack while the Ferraris are close to the rear of the field.

When the rain has stopped, the brief downpour that played havoc on the track is replaced with bright sunshine. Lap 10 and the safety car leaves the circuit and the race begins again. Verstappen makes a move on Frentzen for second as David Coulthard pulls instantly away, leaving the two drivers to battle. The Arrows gets past the Jordan, Michael Schumacher moves up to ninth and Ralf is now fifth. Mika Hakkinen, now in fourth, closes in on third placed Frentzen and takes the position. Michael Schumacher passes both his brother and Hakkinen. Mika Hakkinen: ‘After the safety car phase was over, I didn’t seem to be able to make any considerable progress up the field. I was caught behind Verstappen, which lost me valuable time.’
Lap 14 and Michael is in third behind Verstappen and Coulthard. The German is 6 seconds off the lead as his teammate also passes Mika Hakkinen. Michael's Ferrari is on intermediate tyres apposed to the wets for everyone else and he is 3 seconds a lap faster than his rivals. He attempts to pass Verstappen and fails, however he tries again and gets through to claim second. The McLarens are losing a lot of time on rain tyres. Schumacher continues to charge and passes Coulthard on the straight to reclaim the lead.

Rubens Barrichello gets past Verstappen as well and closes in on Coulthard and the Brazilian also gets past, making it a Ferrari one two once again. Meanwhile, Michael has already pulled out a 6 second lead over third placed Coulthard in just one lap. Mika Hakkinen and Ralf Schumacher pit for dry tyres on lap 19. Thereafter Mika sets the fastest first sector time. Ralf Schumacher is on a charge and passes Mika Hakkinen for fifth place. David is now in third, however he is 27 seconds behind the second placed Ferrari of Rubens Barrichello. Mika Hakkinen tries to pass the Arrows, but the Verstappen is holding on. When Mika finally passes Verstappen he runs too fast into the next corner and is passed by Verstappen and Frentzen as well.

Ralf Schumacher pits as does Mika Hakkinen, Jarno Trulli and Rubens Barrichello. Mika comes back out in 7th behind Ralf Schumacher while Rubens retains his second place with a five second gap back to Coulthard. Jos Verstappen now pits, giving up his strong fourth place to Frentzen. The Dutchman comes back out in 7th, the last driver on the lead lap. Mika sets the fastest lap of the race on lap 48 with a time 1:40.962. Mika closes in on Ralf desperately wanting that extra point that fifth place will bring. He tries and tries to pass, but the younger Schumacher holds his own. Michael Schumacher took his sixth successive win and a third victory for Ferrari at the Sepang circuit.

The top 6 from the Malaysian Grand Prix: Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, David Coulthard, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Ralf Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen.

Mika:’After my last pit stop, I was able to attack again and set a number of fastest race laps. I caught Ralf Schumacher in fifth during the closing stages but it’s easier to catch than it is to pass. At least I have scored my first point of 2001.’

Brazil, 1 April ( www.brazilgp.com )

Stuck on the grid

The lights go out and it's go in Brazil! But Mika Hakkinen stalls on the grid! Other cars stream past the Finn and it's Juan Pablo Montoya that flies through the pack to second place, his teammate Ralf Schumacher, who started from the front row, drops back to fifth. The Safety car is deployed and Mika Hakkinen retires. MIKA HAKKINEN:
‘Obviously I’m very disappointed and I’m not quite sure what happened. The lights came on and I was getting ready to go but then the clutch behaved so unpredictably and it cut the engine immediately and that was the end of my Brazilian Grand Prix.’
The Marshalls push the McLaren off the grid and the race is on. Juan Pablo Montoya takes to the lead passing Michael Schumacher into turn one. The Williams leads in Brazil. But it's disaster for his teammate as Rubens Barrichello hits the back of the Williams and the day is over for both drivers. Juan Montoya holds onto the lead, taking charge of the race while Michael Schumacher fights to get past him.

David Coulthard sits in third with Jarno Trulli in fourth.
Montoya extends his lead over the Ferrari to one and half seconds with and David Coulthard in third is also within striking distance, the Scot a further one and a half seconds behind Schumacher. Juan Pablo Montoya laps Eddie Irvine, the Colombian with a three second lead over David Coulthard.
Lap 30 and Montoya sets a new fastest lap of 1:16.629, a gap of 4.2 seconds ahead of Coulthard. Michael Schumacher is now in third, 30 seconds behind the Colombian.
Rain starts to fall, however it is only light. Montoya looking very strong for his first Formula One win in only his third event and as he laps the Arrows of Jos Verstappen the Dutchman slams into the back of him and flies over the top of the Williams, with both drivers now out of the race. Disaster for Williams and Montoya.
David Coulthard, the new race leader, comes in for his first and only pit stop. The Scot comes back out in the lead. Down comes the rain!

David Coulthard stays out a lap too long and Michael Schumacher takes the lead, but he spins and loses several seconds to the Scotsman. Both drivers are on intermediates and the gap comes down to just over half a second and the Scot goes for it and passes the German in turn one, with the Minardi of Tarso Marques between them! What a brilliant display of driving and David Coulthard leads once again with 22 laps remaining.
David Coulthard begins to stretch out a lead over Michael Schumacher.
Schumacher spins again! The Ferrari takes to the gravel but he keeps it going and rejoins the circuit. This now gives Coulthard a 15 second lead.
David Coulthard puts a lap on Jarno Trulli, leaving only the first three drivers on the lead lap. Michael Schumacher begins to eat in the Scotsman's lead, however at this stage, the McLaren driver appears to have the race well in his control.
Nick Heidfeld moves into the third step on the podium with his Sauber. The laps tick down and Coulthard keeps it together to take his first victory of the season, his first ever in Brazil and breaking Schumachers winning streak.
The top three from today's Brazilian Grand Prix were David Coulthard, Michael Schumacher and Nick Heidfeld. 

flagsanm.gif (109 bytes) San Marino, 15 April ( www.autodromoimola.com )

flagspan.gif (71 bytes) Spain, 29 April ( www.circuitcat.com )

flagaustria.gif (143 bytes) Austria, 13 May ( www.gp.A1.com )

flagmon.gif (83 bytes) Monaco, 27 May ( www.acm.mc )

flagcan.gif (137 bytes) Canada, 10 june ( www.grandprix.ca )

flageuro.gif (191 bytes) Europe, 24 june ( www.nuerburgring.de )

flagfran.gif (121 bytes) France, 1 July ( www.magnyf1.com )


flageng.gif (142 bytes) England, 15 July ( www.silverstone-circuit.co.uk )


Silverstone, Sunday 15th July, 2001

Mika Hakkinen claimed victory in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone with a gap of 33.646 seconds. It was the first time Mika had won this Grand Prix. David Coulthard’s race ended when Jarno Trulli’s car touched him at the first corner. David managed to continue but the car sustained too much damage. David remains second in the Drivers’ Championship with 47 points and Mika moved to fifth with 19 points. McLaren is second in the Constructors’ Championship with 66 points.
‘I feel really good - its been too long since I have been on the top step of the podium. I’m happy to claim victory here at Silverstone as its one of the races I have always wanted to win, and it’s the team’s home event. I believe we made a great show today. The car was working well and we had the right strategy. I kept pushing as hard as possible during the race but once I had taken the chequered flag, I slowed right down to enjoy the feeling and wave to the enthusiastic spectators.’
‘An afternoon with mixed emotions. Of course we are delighted by Mika’s total dominance of our home Grand Prix with the team contributing with a perfect and well executed strategy.
‘Everybody was very happy with Mika’s win, which he achieved with a superb drive. The team’s strategy was perfect and the speed was there to dominate the race.’

flaggerm.gif (86 bytes) Germany, 29 July ( www.hockenheim.de )


Hockenheim, Sunday 29th July, 2001

McLaren was unable to finish today’s German Grand Prix after Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard retired with engine failures on laps 13 and 27 respectively. David remains second in the Drivers’ World Championship with 47 points and Mika fifth with 19 points. McLaren is second in the Constructors’ standings with 66 points.
"I was very confident with the car and happy with the situation so it’s a real shame that I was unable to finish the race. All of a sudden I felt vibration behind me, saw smoke and the engine stopped. However there is no point in being depressed and I’m confident that we will be pushing hard for the rest of the season."

flaghun.gif (95 bytes) Hungary, 19 August ( www.hungaroring.hu )


Hungaroring, Sunday 19th August, 2001

McLaren driver David Coulthard finished today’s Hungarian Grand Prix in third place whilst Mika Hakkinen took fifth. Mika established a new lap record for the Hungaroring with a time of 1:16.723 on lap 51. Mika made three pitstops on laps 39, 56 and 71. Today’s result means that Michael Schumacher and Ferrari have won the World Championships.
‘During the first 29 laps of the race, I was stuck behind Trulli who was about 1.5 seconds slower per lap than me. It was only after his first pit stop that I could start to make inroads on Ralf Schumacher who by then was about 30 seconds ahead. My first and second pit stops were excellent but we changed the strategy so I only took a little fuel load in the second stop to see whether it would be possible to overtake Ralf Schumacher - unfortunately this didn’t work because overtaking at this track is impossible if the driver ahead of you doesn’t make a mistake. Then I had to come in for my additional fuel stop and that was it. The speed of my car was very good and the lap record is a small consolation for my efforts. Now I’m looking ahead to the next race at Spa-Franchorchamps.’

flagbel.gif (117 bytes) Belgium, 2 September ( www.spa-francorchamps.be )


Spa-Franchorchamps, Sunday 2nd September, 2001

McLaren driver David Coulthard finished today's Belgian Grand Prix in second place whilst team mate Mika Hakkinen claimed fourth. At the first attempt, the start was aborted when a car stalled on the grid. At the restart Mika and David made their way to fifth and sixth but the race was stopped after five laps following a heavy accident. The race was restarted at 14.45 over 36 laps.

David: 1st pitstop: lap 10 - 7.1 seconds Mika: 1st pitstop: lap 7 - 8.5 seconds
2nd pitstop: lap 24 - 7.2 seconds 2nd pitstop: lap 23 - 7.4 seconds

'This was a dramatic race. My second start was reasonably good off the line, and I could get up to third place on the first lap. However then I lost two positions to David and Rubens before I came in for my first stop. I had a good battle with Rubens afterwards until he had to replace his damaged nose, which was not a result of contact between the two of us. Unfortunately I couldn't charge the last part of the race to make inroads on Fisichella because of a handling imbalance, so I had to settle for fourth.'

flagita.gif (113 bytes) Italy, 16 September ( www.monzanet.it )


Monza, Sunday 16th September, 2001

McLaren had a disappointing race as both David Coulthard and Mika Hakkinen failed to finish the 53 lap Italian Grand Prix at Monza. David retired on lap seven with an engine failure whilst on lap 19 Mika had a drivetrain problem. Before his retirement David was fifth whilst Mika was 10th. MIKA HAKKINEN
‘The pile up at the first corner after the start caused me to go straight on at the chicane, which cost me several positions and I came out 13th. This was extremely disappointing as us drivers had discussed that we should be particularly careful at the start, as the first chicane is so tight. On lap 19 I got stuck in fifth gear and as I went around the chicane I lost all the gears and that was the end of my race.’

flagusa.gif (1286 bytes) USA, 30 September ( www.usgpindy.com )


Indianapolis, Sunday 30th September, 2001

McLaren secured second place in the 2001 Constructors’ Championship after Mika Hakkinen won, and David Coulthard finished third in today’s United States Grand Prix.
This win was Mika’s 20th Grand Prix victory.
Mika and David were both on a one-stop strategy and David came in on lap 43 and his pit stop lasted 8.7 seconds whilst Mika came in on lap 46 and his stop was 9.6 seconds.
Mika took the lead on lap 38 for the first time and regained it on lap 50.
Following yesterday’s qualifying Mika was second on the grid but on Sunday morning the Stewards of the Meeting deleted his fastest time and he was relegated to fourth place after he was found to have exited the pit lane when the lights were red during the morning’s warm up session.
‘What a weekend and to finish it by winning a race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is very special indeed - one of my most important victories. The fans were so enthusiastic and there was a super atmosphere. Today’s result is due to the efforts of the team. The mechanics worked so hard to get my race car ready after I went off in the closing stages of the warm up, and the engineers made a great car. I really enjoyed it. I was very disappointed when I found out that had to start on the second rather than the front row following the Stewards’ decision. However all the frustration is gone and I’m very happy. I had a good race and we definitely used the right strategy today. We were confident that the car and the Bridgestone tyres could cope with a one stop strategy.’
‘A great day for Mika and the team. I’m happy that we clinched the runner up position in the Constructors’ Championship. To do well at Indianapolis is definitely something every driver wishes. NORBERT HAUG
‘Mika had a fantastic race. The entire team has shown what it was capable of doing.’

Japan.gif (238 bytes) Japan, 14 October ( www.suzukacircuit.co.jp )


Suzuka, Sunday 14th October, 2001

Mika Hakkinen claimed fourth in his last race before his sabbatical to finish fifth in the World Championship with 37 points. Both David and Mika were on a two stop strategy with David coming in on laps 23 and 39 while Mika was in the pits on lap 24 and 38. David Coulthard finished the last race of the 2001 Formula One season at the Suzuka circuit in Japan in third place, thereby securing second place in the Drivers’ World Championship with a total of 65 points.
‘The race was as I expected it to be. The team performed well and we had the right strategy. I want to thank everybody who I have worked with for the past nine years for all the effort they put into making my career so successful. I’m happy that David finished on the podium, and I must admit that by letting him past I wanted to give him something back for the occasions in the past when he has helped me. It will take some time to understand my new life and establish whether I enjoy it or not. Right now I’m looking forward to my sabbatical but I’m sure I will also miss Formula One.’
‘A good race strategy coupled with reliability yielded third and fourth places for us today. However as always we came to win and that is definitely our objective for the 2002 season. The entire team wishes Mika an enjoyable and well-earned break and will soon be welcoming Kimi to West McLaren Mercedes.’
‘A nice end to a tough season. We wish Mika all the best for his break. Thanks Mika - you did a lot for West McLaren Mercedes and the team certainly will miss you.’

Championship standings: (last update after GP Brazil)

1. Michael Schumacher, Ferrari,
2. David Coulthard,
3. Rubens Barrichello,

Mika has scored  points.

Constructors table:

1. Ferrari, points

2. Mclaren, points

3. Sauber , points

Teams, Drivers and car numbers for the 2001 season:

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2 - Rubens Barrichello - www.barrichello.com.br

3 - Mika Hakkinen - http://home.wxs.nl/~nijdame/hakkinen.htm
4 - David Coulthard -

www.bmw.williamsf1.com and: www.williamsf1.co.uk
5 - Ralf Schumacher - www.ralf-schumacher.net
6 - Juan Pablo Montoya - www.jpmontoya.com

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17 - Kimi Raikkonen - www.kimiraikkonen.com

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22 - Jean Alesi - www.jean-alesi.org
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For the latest news and rumours visit: www.f1today.com

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