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since June 1998 founded in Vantaa, Finland, by Nina Häkkinen is now CLOSED.

Since July 1st 1999 Mika and Nina closed down the only official Mika Häkkinen fanclub. Because it became so big in such a short time, it was impossible to keep the fanclub as near to the fans as Mika had wished. Members of the club received a letter from Mika in which he explained this decision. As a farewell gift the members received another fanclub box containing a T-shirt (collectors item !), a sticker and a photograph.

membershipcard, fanclub sticker and cd single.

Mika and Nina can still be reached at:
P.O. Box 15
FIN-01620 Vantaa

Mika's official website

The official website of Mika www.mikahakkinen.net closed one year later than the fanclub. Since May 2000 the website is no longer available. The site wasn't updated since the opening in June 1998. It contained not much information but had some nice private pictures of Mika.
Most of those pictures can now be viewed on the 'Before F1' page.

Mika Häkkinen CD single

In 1998 the fanclub released a CD single called "Hakkisen Mika" by T.H. Aho and Mika Sundqvist. It contains two versions of the 3'04 minute rock 'n' roll-song: one in finnish and one in english.
In the summer of '98 it reached the popcharts in Finland.
Click on the CD cover above to hear the last part of the song (WAV-file 216kB)

Click here for the FULL MP3 VERSION IN CD QUALITY !
(due to problems with the geocities-server the link might be dead sometimes)

Speeding around that endless ring
twenty odd cars go piping hot
The drivers are chasing but one thing
Each one giving his very best shot

Two hundred k an hour they fly
Tyres glued to the flaming track
It's a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye
If you get the lead, then you don't look back

Here he comes! Mika Mika Häkkinen!
This is the day of white and blue!
Donnerwetter Schumacher!
You have got us all wrong! We don't mean you

Who is the lawn mowing fella?
Could be mister Fisichella!
Or then he must be Damon Hill
Oh no! He's the one who's standing still

Mika goes to the pit to get more gas
He's got it now. We know he has
Out of the bend and down with the pedal!
He's gonna win the golden medal!

(lyrics in Finnish on request....)

Members of the (now closed) official Mika Häkkinen Fanclub received the CD-single with their '98 membership package.

Special stamp for Mika Häkkinen

On 15 January 1999 Finland Post issued a special stamp in celebration of Mika Häkkinen's first F1 world title. The stamp is issued as a miniature sheet containing one stamp. Designed by Pekka Hesanto, the stamp has the face value of 3 FIM, while the print run of the sheet will be 2 million.
The design of the stamp features the new Formula One World Champion raising his hands in a triumphant gesture of victory. Spectators, cars and sections of race track fill the margins. The First Day Postmark was designed by Tapany Talari, while the pictorial First Day Cover was also designed by Pekka Hesanto.

Members of the (now closed) official Mika Häkkinen Fanclub received the stamp at home, with a letter containing this information.
Team-McLaren Racing-line magazine told a story about a Japanese fan who especially flew from Tokyo to Helsinki for this stamp and bought it at a postoffice in Finland!


Since there's no official Mika Häkkinen fanclub and website anymore, lots of fans take initiatives to found a new fanclub. For example Mika Häkkinen On-line, an unofficial fan site run by Thorsten Rhoer in Berlin, Germany, is fighting for an official status. The new www.hakkinen.com looks official but is not. Some parts of their text are literally taken from this häkkinen homepage. If there is any news about a new OFFICIAL fanclub or site, it is posted on this page. The Häkkinen Homepage will continue to be a fan site, without a club or any other commercial intentions.

McLaren has an official fan-club. Fans can become member of Team McLaren. Every year you receive a package with shirt and membershipcard. Every month you receive the glossy Racing Line magazine, the official magazine of the TAG-McLaren group with lots of articles about Mika Hakkinen.
Details of this fanclub can be found on the official
McLaren website www.mclaren.com

Mika merchandising

In the guestbook of The Häkkinen Homepage lots of fans ask for pictures, posters and t-shirts of Mika Häkkinen. All that stuff is available in the specialised Formula One shops which can be found in almost every city now.
Mika has his own clothing-line. Although not very spectacular, here are some examples.
Note: The Häkkinen Homepage does not sell these shirts, for buying these shirts contact your local F1 shop or visit racing events (e.g. Formula One races).

click on the shirts above to enlarge

have their own clothing line. In McLarens magazine Racing Line or McLarens website Racing On-line (www.mclaren.com) all the items are displayed and can be ordered.

Model cars

Onyx and Minichamps are the two Model car makers who made (and make) Mika Häkkinen Model cars. From the 1991 Lotus until the 2000 McLaren are still available in selected shops. Take a look at this site: http://www2.tokai.or.jp/flying-finn .

In the future we will display several Mika Häkkinen items which are on the market today.
Mind: We only show them, NOT sell them.

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