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Welcome - The Acoustic Guitarsite

Click on the sound hole of the guitar for access to Guitar Forum!!!

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My name is Henk Pieters.  I start playing the guitar when I was seventeen years old. ast015.gif (1333 bytes)

Now, 24 years later I'm still playing the guitar with the same enthusiasm as when I started.

I studied classical guitar for ten years on a school for beginning and skilled musicians.                                                 ast015.gif (1333 bytes)

The kind of music I play varies from modern to classical although classical music is my favourite.ast015.gif (1333 bytes)

With this site I tried to illustrate different issues of the classical guitar.

The first items are more theoretically. They give some background information about the acoustic guitar.ast015.gif (1333 bytes)

Also you will find practical issues such as tuning the guitar, tempo and guitar chords.

Click the button 'music' to find a variety of guitar music.

I hope this site will contribute to learn and love this beautiful instrument.

Feel free to sign my guestbook.                              

And don't forget to check the stars !!    ast015.gif (1333 bytes)         

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