Classical guitar


Although the many books written about this instrument there is not much known about the eldest information of this instrument.

It is known that there were stringed-instruments in history that were played by fingers or string-bow.

Spain played an important role in the development of the classical guitar.

The character and the form of the guitar is mainly achieved by the Spain.

One of the greatest Spanish guitarist/composer was Fernando Sor (1778-1839). He's still a pattern for many guitarists today.

Before he starts playing the guitar he studied violin, cello, theory of  harmony and composition. His native town was Barcelona.

He has about 400 guitar-compositions on his name who form an indispensable repertoire for many classical guitarists.

He became famous as a prominent teacher of style and technique which were deepened in extreme.

A carpenter from San Sebastian de Almeria, called Antonio de Torres is the founder of the construction of the present guitar.

All Spanish guitar-builders copied his building-style.

Famous guitarists who played his guitars claim to play no other guitars anymore.

The father of the present classical guitar-technique is Francisco Eixea Tarrega. He developed the position of the hands, the posture and the use of a bench for the left foot.

A posture and position that will be learned to every beginning guitarist.

Tarrega is also known for his arrangements for guitar from famous pieces composed by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

Finally the name of Andres Torres Segovia must be mentioned in this list. His name is commonly famous around the world.

He made his concert-debut in 1924 in Paris.

In the thirties his name became famous around the whole world.

Due to his benefits the guitar became an accepted classical school instrument.