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Classical Guitar: Progetto Avanti

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Guitar Solo

Margriet Verbeek, Nederlands componist.
Op de site worden haar 17 boeken beschreven.  Elke maand worden er twee boeken nader toegelicht met voorbeelden van bladmuziek plus klinkende muziek.
11 van de 17 boeken hebben de klassieke gitaar als middelpunt.

De Vocht Guitar Work Shop

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Anton Del Forno - Guitarist

Flamenco guitar methods, Flamenco Metronome, Flamenco CD-ROMs, Flamenco Guitar course (free download).

Free guitar site. The quickest method to learn scales, technique exercises, chops, improvisation tips, CAL programs, links.

Over 200 pieces of free music for classical and latin guitar as TablEdit-files, Midi and PDF in standard notatation and tablature

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Guitar and mandolin orchestra 'Het Consort'

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Meet the clasical guitarist ALVARO COVARRUBIAS at his Home page

Playing Bach by the guitar (Home page created by Kazky)

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Homepage,mp3,links,composers,concerts, the new site of this remarkable new dutch guitarist.

Robert Bekkers,  professional classical guitarist and composer, plays a variety of styles in a variety of ensembles.

19the century guitars, classical guitars, mandolins, ..... Downloadable sheet music from prominent publishers and famous performing artists. Musicians' communities and Artist Collections. Many free sheet music titles available.
Extensive unique content and additional information on composers' and arrangers' personal notes and ideas etc.


GuitarNet is a search-engine for (base-)guitars, effects and amplifiers and an online magazine with interviews, lessons and articles.

John Verstegen  Midi Flower Music

Hand build guitars:
Special Classical, Selmer stijl, Steelstrings.

Jubing's Free Classical Guitar Music

I am a Belgian musician. On my Website, you can listen to my compositions for classical guitar and for piano. All the scores are freely downloadable and easily printable. Languages : English and French.

TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments.

Photos and Mp3 recordings to show how do I make my Classic (6-8-10-11 strings), Flamenco, Tango, Electroacustic and Requinto Guitars.

Guitar Review

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Free scores for : piano, violin, saxophone, guitar, orchestra, choral, accordion.

Classical guitarist Robert Phillips is known throughout the US as a performer, composer, and music journalist.   Bio, concert availability, books and CDs, and links.

This classical music page leads you to more than 1300 classical music sites

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Your music instantly on your computer!

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Classical Guitar HomePage in Japan

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Classical Guitar Midi Archives

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Classical Guitar Illustrated History

Offering free original classical guitar compositions and transcriptions (score in GIF) from Indonesia, with MIDI.

Classical Guitar Society Home Page

This is a GROOVY guitar sait for beginners! Check it out!

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Classical Guitar Composers List

Classical Guitar Maker Jeff Kemp - Australia

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Gitaar - vihuela - luit

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Bach Plucked J.S. Bach on the Lute & Guitar

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Classical guitar Teacher and Performer Bengt Wikström SWEDEN

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Andres Segovia

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High quality MIDI & MP3 sequences for Classical Guitar

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English concert guitars & Spanish student guitars for sale.

   Also information on Performers, Concerts, Courses &   Competitions.

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Music Page - Jan van der Heide

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Maria Luisa Anido

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The Classical Guitar Homepage of AK*Creations

De klassieke gitaar in Nederland

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Website met links naar koren/koormuziek.