Take care and maintenance of the guitar



If you don't use the guitar for a longer period of time its better to keep the guitar in a case or cover.

After playing the guitar clean the strings with a dry cloth to remove fat and possible sweat, this will result in a longer lifetime of the strings.

For the cleaning of classical guitars its better not to use domestic cleaning agents. A proper way to clean your guitar is the use of a moist cloth with a little acetic acid or lemon oil. After the cleaning you rub the guitar with a dry and soft cloth.

Guitars that are treated with oil must be rubbed with linseed oil two or three times a year.

The linseed oil can be rubbed in the wood with a dot of fine steel wool and must be rubbed parallel with the veins of the wood.

It would be handy to combine this action with the renewing of strings.

During the cleaning process be aware of possible scratches in the wood. Cleaning agents could contact untreated wood which is not preferable.

Its best to play and store the guitar by room temperature. Avoid big differences in temperature and moisture.

Classical guitars are very sensitive for these conditions. Never place your guitar in the nearness of a warmth source.

If you are going to store the guitar for a longer period of time its better to unwind the strings to lower the tension of the strings.