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      Welcome to my homepage

A sort of collection you encounter not often.....honey pots. I am a beekeeper, so the link is placed.

In recent years I have collected over 500 pots. Most of them I found in flea markets, I am also swapping with other collectors and so my collection is growning.

Honey pots are not exclusively Dutch. Items of my collection come from The United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Russia, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Japan, USA, China, Australia, Chili, Ireland, Italy, Finland.


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to see the honey pots in my collection

Clubs for collectors of honey pots:

Europe:  The European Honeypot Collectors' Society

 USA:  Honey Pots International




Other websites with honey pots....

   Joop and Anneke Janssen .....Dutch collectors
   Henk Vermeulen .....Dutch collector
  The European Honeypot Collectors' Society
  De Hoogeveense honingpottensite..... John van Eijsden
  Pipers Honey Farm
  Brian and Pat Sherriff
blauw bolletje   Kiln Kreations ..... with a honeypot shop

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