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Date of last update: Sun Jul 26 19:57:05 2015
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  • VTTEST vt220 compatibility score: 110 out of 110!.
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    Due to problems with the webshop, please mail me directly at ruurdb@wxs.nl to buy a license for IVT.
    New price: Only 10 euros for a single license!
    Discounts apply for larger numbers.

    What is IVT?

  • IVT is a VT220 terminal emulator for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10, that can set up a secure (Kerberized) telnet, SSH, RLOGIN, NetBios or serial connection to a remote host.
    In other words, you use it to get a shell prompt on a remote Unix-like machine.
  • It supports multiple (tabbed) sessions of different types in a single window and has a scripting language to automate standard tasks (such as logging in and creating multiple sessions).
  • IVT can do all things that PuTTY can do, and many more things besides!
  • It can automatically log your sessions to a file, optionally with timestamps for every line so you have a record of exactly what happened and when.
  • If you administer (or use) a large network with many machines, IVT allows you to initialise your working environment with only a few mouse clicks.
    Logging in to an array of hosts with either Telnet, Kerberized Telnet, SSH or even serial modems, starting programs there, automatically analyzing the output, customising the keyboard and screen (different key-mappings and colors per host and/or session if you want to) is all easily achieved.
  • Download here.

  • If you use a PC to access remote hosts and you care about fast, accurate VT220 terminal emulation with a large tabbed screen, multi-session, color support, fast copy/paste etc. because you use Unix text-mode applications such as VI, EMACS, or Midnight Commander, then IVT is a program designed for you.
    If you want secure authenticated login, you can use SSH or the Kerberos V5 authentication and encryption support built into the commercial version of IVT.
    Version 24.0 of IVT adds GSSAPI authentication (integration with Active Directory).
    Once you get used to creating sessions with a few clicks and switching between 10, 20 (or even more) parallel sessions without losing track, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it :-)
    I have worked in environments with many hundreds of Unix machines, and IVT is tailored to make life in such environments easier.

    New in version 24.0 of IVT (November 2014):

  • GSSAPI/SSPI over SSH support. When you run IVT on a Windows PC that is part of an Active Directory domain (or Kerberos Realm), you can login without using passwords, on hosts that are part of that AD domain.
  • Better integration with MIT Kerberos for windows (must now be installed separately from the MIT download site).
    Same goes for WinSCP, please install separately.
  • New HIGHLIGHT feature: when text matching Perl-style regular expressions appears on screen it can be highlighted and actions can be associated with such highlighted text.
    See here for an example, where error messages from a compiler are recognized, and highlighted. When clicked, an IVT script automatically starts your favourite editor on the proper file and line.
    This can be used to recognize arbitrary patterns and start arbitrary actions either automatically, or when the user clicks on them.
  • One standard HIGHLIGHT is the one for URLs: any URL displayed on an IVT session is made bright-blue underlined and starts a browser when clicked (so it looks like a link and acts like a link).
  • Integration with regular expressions, Perl style.
    Matching and replacing strings, waiting on host data and highlighting texts can als be specified in regular expressions using the powerful Perl syntax.
    Searching scrollback data now also supports regexp based searching.
  • Smart paste: common characters found in Word documents such as left-quote, right-quote and various others are automatically translated by IVT upon pasting into their logical ASCII equivalents so they are recognized by the Unix Shell.
    The upshot is that copy/pasting Shell commands from a Word document simply works.
  • Many improvements to file transfer: Just drop files on the IVT window while the session is at the Shell prompt and IVT will transfer the files.
  • Lots of new functions added to the IVT scripting language.
  • Many improvements to the NEWWIN option, where IVT does not open a session in a new tab, but opens a new window instead.
  • Dozens of other minor extensions, bugfixes and improvements.
    See here for a complete description.
  • Click here for the complete change log of previous versions...

    The versions you can download here are a free 30-day evaluation versions.
    After the evaluation period expires, the security features cease to function and various limits are imposed on other features.
    To restore full functionality, please obtain a licence.

    The older versions of IVT called "Light", "Telnet only" and "Freeware" have been discontinued. The memory and diskspace limits that made these dressed-down versions necessary no longer apply. The "Secure Access" version has all functionality combined into one package.

    The following files and versions of IVT are provided for download (all run on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8).
    The "Installer" column refers to files with a full Windows install wizard.
    The "Upgrade kit" refers to ZIP files with all the latest files, which you can use to manually update an existing (modified) configuration.
    The highlighted cell below is for a self-unpacking, self-installing demo version of IVT.
    It is the full version, but requires no administrator privileges to get IVT up and running.

    These versions are available as 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
    Make sure you download a version compatible with your version of Windows (see this Microsoft site for more information on 32/64 bit Windows).

    Description Installer Upgrade kit (zip) Standalone
    IVT Secure Access version 24.0 32-bit 2660 KB
    64-bit 2749 KB
    32-bit 2822 KB
    64-bit 2935 KB
    IVT Secure Access light version 24.0
    Self-installing, single executable. Double click and Go!
    Requires no administrator privileges.
       32-bit 1992 KB
    64-bit 2141 KB
    Ancient IVT DOS version 11.3e
    Historical release (1999), as is.
      Download 422 KB  

    This is the actual, complete, about 800-page long manual of IVT.

    If you (dis)like IVT, I'd appreciate an email with opinions: ruurdb@wxs.nl
    Please don't hesitate to ask questions, send mail or opinions.

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