Ruurd Beerstra's home page, home of IVT

Ruurd Beerstra's home page, home of IVT

Cartoon My Face Hi! This is me! And this is my family!

This page is intended to offer some of my works for downloading by anybody interested in high quality freeware.
For comments and questions please mail me:
Last modified on November 2, 2016 - release 25.2 of IVT available! New webshop!

The following items currently are available:

  • IVT: A vt220 telnet/SSH/serial terminal emulator for Windows
  • SETUID: Making Unix secure
  • BR: A very versatile Unix backup/restore program
  • I've diddled with computers for the last 30-odd years. Unix has kept me happily busy for the largest part of those years, MS/DOS, Windows 3.1 through Windows 7 and various other Micro$oft products have tried to drive me crazy for some considerable time as well :-)
    During those years I have developed a large number of tools and utilities, some of which have gained the enthusiasm of a number of users. I think these deserve a larger audience.
    I'd appreciate an e-mail ( with your opinions.

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