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On this page you find the Index to a lookback to 2001 Baseball and Softball Stories, Tournaments and Highlights.
Stories of 2001
Statistics of 2001

Stories of 2001
Dec. 21: Neptunus wins award. (baseball)
Dec. 17: Italy: Faraone new manager Azzuri. (baseball)
Dec. 17: Monte signs with Mariners. (baseball)
Dec. 8: Italy: Fraccari new FIBS-President. (baseball)
Dec. 7: Joost MVP; De Lange Best Pitcher; More Awards. (baseball)
Dec. 7: Gouverneur MVP; Knol Best Pitcher; More Awards. (softball women)
Dec. 7: Dame MVP; Moreland Best Pitcher; More Awards. (softball men)
Nov. 29: Changes in softball rules. (softball women)
Nov. 29: World Cup: Dutch to play in Pool B. (softball women)
Nov. 29: ISF Board members (re)elected; World Cups awarded. (softball women/men)
Nov. 18: World Championships: Dutch finish in seventh place; more game recaps/stories. (baseball)
Oct. 6: Neptunus Dutch champion! (baseball)
Sep. 29: Sparks Dutch champion! (softball women)
Sep. 22: Storks Dutch champion! (softball women)
Sep. 15: EC-1: Thamen misses Cup. (softball men)
Sep. 8: EC-1: Terrasvogels finish third. (softball women)
Sep. 8: EC-2: Sparks wins CupWinners Cup! (softball women)
Aug. 18: EC: Dutch finish in second place. (softball men)
Aug. 5: European Championships: DUTCH CAPTURES EUROPEAN TITLE! (baseball)
July 8: Cuba wins World Port Tournament. (baseball)
June 24: EC-1: Neptunus wins European Cup! (June 24)
June 24: EC-2: Kinheim wins CupWinners Cup! (June 24)
Previous baseball and softball stories from 2001.

Statistics of 2001
Baseball World Championships at Taipei/Kaohsiung/Chia-Yi, Taiwan
Baseball European Championships at Bonn/Cologne/Colingen, Germany
Baseball European Cup, Line Scores of Neptunus and ADO
Baseball CupWinners Cup, Line Scores of Kinheim and HCAW

Stories of 2001
Neptunus wins award
ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - For the second year in a row, Dutch champion Neptunus has been named Team of the Year in its home city of Rotterdam, which was awarded for the sixteenth time, beating a cycling and table tennisteam.
It was the fifth time Neptunus won the title, being named earlier in 1981, 1991, 1994 and 2000.
This year, Neptunus also captured both the European and Super Cup.
(December 21)

Italy: Faraone new manager Azzuri
ROME (Italy) - The Italian Baseball and Softball Federation (FIBS) announced it has named Giampiero Faraone (photo) as the new Field Manager of the national baseball team. Faraone previously served as longtime national team assistant coach under manager Silvano Ambrosioni.
Faraone is a succesful manager of Nettuno, which this year again won the Italian title. He succeeds American Jim Davenport, whose contract expired after the World Cup in Taiwan.
This year, Italy finished in third place at the European Championship, losing the semi-final to Russia. During the World Cup, Italy didn't reach the Play-Offs.
Early this year, Faraone also was named national team manager, but shortly after it was decided that a clubteam manager couldn't serve as national team manager.
(December 17)

Monte signs with Mariners
ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - Dutch national team outfielder Harvey Monte on Sunday signed a one-year contract with the Seattle Mariners, his Dutch clubteam Door Neptunus announced on Monday. Monte becomes the second player on the roster of the Dutch champion who will in the USA next season. The other is southpaw Ferenc Jongejan, who made his pro-debut this year in the organization of the Chicago Cubs.
20-year Harvey Monte plays since 1999 Rotterdam-based Neptunus, after making his Dutch Major League-debut a year earlier with Twins. Last Summer, Monte was a rookie in the Dutch national team, making his first appearance during the World Port Tournament. Shortly after, he was a member of the team which captured the European title in Germany and last month he participated in the World Cup in Taiwan. On December 7, Monte was awarded the Guus van der Heijden Memorial Trophy for best national team player under-23.
Currently, the lefthanded hitting Monte studies in Arizona, USA.
(December 17)

Italy: Fraccari new FIBS-President
ROME (Italy) - Riccardo Fraccari was elected President of the Italian Federation (FIBS) after a long election-day on Saturday, which started in the morning and ended at midnight.
52-year old Fraccari, a former international baseball umpire and current President of the CEB Technical Committee, received 1327 votes from team representatives. His closest rival, Bruno Bertoni got 1111 votes.
Also elected in the Board were former national softballteam pitcher Marina Centrone, current national softballteam pitching coach and former pitcher Monica Corvino, current national baseballteam outfielder Roberto De Franceschi, former international and current Parma-player Massimo Fochi and former international umpire Matteo Lo Turco.
(December 8)

Joost MVP; De Lange Best Pitcher; More Awards
ALMERE (Neth.) - On Friday, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association honored the best players of the 2001 baseball and softball season.
Marcel Joost was voted Most Valuable Player. Joost, who turns 41 next week and will start his 23rd season in the Dutch big league next year, led Kinheim to a Play-Off spot by hitting .335 with 34 RBI's and 31 Runs. The veteran had 56 hits, including six homeruns, making him also the 2001 Homerun King, a prize he shared with teammate Raymond Hofer. Joost's MVP Award comes nineteen years after he won his first MVP Award in 1982. Also nominated for the MVP Award were Rob Cordemans (Neptunus) and Patrick de Lange (HCAW).
Patrick de Lange won the Best Pitcher Award. De Lange won 12 games, pitching for HCAW and had the lowest ERA in the league with 0.96, becoming the first pitcher in 24 years to record a below 1.00 ERA. In 1977, Nol Beenders and Douglas Morton were the last. Besides this, De Lange pitched a No-Hitter, two One-Hitters and four Two-Hitters this season. Also nominated for Best Pitcher were Rob Cordemans (Neptunus) and Eelco Jansen (Kinheim).
MichaŽl van den Ende (ADO) was Batting Champion with an .389 (44-for-113) average, while Berti Richardson led in Stolen Bases, as he did last year, this time with 28.
Harvey Monte (Neptunus) won the Guus van der Heijden Memorial Trophy for the best national team player under-23 for his performances in the Dutch squad during the European Championships in Germany and the recent World Cup in Taiwan.
Alexander Smit (PSV) won the Roel de Mon Award for the second consecutive year as the best junior-pitcher.
Renť Cremer (Almere) won the Ron Fraser Award for the most promising youthplayer. Cremer also won the award last year.
Robert Eenhoorn (Neptunus) won his second Coach of the Year Award. He won his first last year. This season, Eenhoorn guided Neptunus to its third consecutive Dutch title, becoming only the second coach in history to win three consecutive championships with the same team. Jan Dick Leurs holds the record with four in a row with Haarlem Nicols. Besides this, former Major Leaguer Eenhoorn (New York Yankees) captured both the Super Cup and European Cup with Neptunus and prolonged the European title with the Dutch team in his debut-season as national team-manager and finished in seventh place during the World Cup.
Loek Loevendie (Pirates) (pictured right) received the Leen Volkerijk Award for his longtime activities in player development.
The Umpire of the Year will be named in February during the annual Umpire Clinic.
(December 7)

Softball Women Awards
Softball Men Awards
Photo Gallery

Gouverneur MVP; Knol Best Pitcher; More Awards
ALMERE (Neth.) - On Friday, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association honored the best players of the 2001 baseball and softball season.
Sandra Gouverneur (Terrasvogels) was named Most Valuable Player, being a multifunctional player for Terrasvogels, hitting .412 with 25 RBI's, while scoring 23 runs. She had 35 hits. Also nominated were Brenda De Blaes (Twins) and Jacqueline Knol (Sparks).
Jacqueline Knol (Sparks) was voted Best Pitcher with sixteen victories and only two losses, while recording the lowest ERA in the league with 0.93. She threw four shutouts. Also nominated were Sandra Baart (Twins) and Maaike Zijlstra (Terrasvogels).
Daisy de Peinder (Twins) was Batting Champion with an .418 average, hitting 33-for-79.
Marjolein Schuitemaker (Pirates) was the leader in Stolen Bases with 11.
Kim Kluijskens (Sparks) (pictured right with Ted Vermeulen of OAD Reizen) won the Egbert van der Sluis Menorial Trophy for the best national team player under-23. Kim Kluijskens made her national team-debut this year, participating in the European Championship in the Czech Republic.
Saskia Kosterink (Run '71) won the Bep van Beijmerwerdt Trophy as the most promising junior-player of the 2001 season.
Iet Barnhoorn (Spaarnwoude) won the Nol Houtkamp Award for her activities in player development in the Haarlem-region, winning the Dutch championship this year with the Spaarnwoude-youth team.
The Coach of the Year Award and Riet Vermaat Trophy for best junior-pitcher were not awarded this year.
The Umpire of the Year will be named in February during the annual Umpire Clinic.
(December 7)

Baseball Awards
Softball Men Awards
Photo Gallery

Dame MVP; Moreland Best Pitcher; More Awards
ALMERE (Neth.) - On Friday, the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association honored the best players of the 2001 baseball and softball season.
Kenny Dame (Storks) was honored as the Most Valuable Player of the 2001 season, hitting .374, and leading the league in hits (34) and RBI's (28). He also homered seven times. Also nominated were Angelo Clemensia (Thamen) and Glen Moreland (EHS).
Glen Moreland (EHS) (pictured right) was named Best Pitcher as he won 13 games, losing only once. He had a league-best 0.38 ERA and threw four ShutOuts. Also nominated were Greg Newton (Storks) and Jesper Panduro (EHS).
Julius Veeris (Kokolishi) became the Batting Champion in his rookie-season, going 30-for-68 for an .441 batting average.
Angelo Clemensia (pictured left) was the Homerun King with thirteen fourbaggers.
Robert v.d. Vlist (Storks) (pictured center) led the league in Stolen Bases with 21.
(December 7)

Baseball Awards
Softball Women Awards
Photo Gallery

Changes in softball rules
TAMPA (USA) - During its Congress, the International Softball Federation (ISF) announced two important rule changes.
In a press release, the ISF stated that in a move designed to bring more excitement to women's fast pitch softball, the distance between the pitching rubber and home plate is extended from 40 to 43 feet and the fence-distance from 200 to 220 feet. Both rules changes will take effect on January 1, 2002.
The drive to change the rule came after the Sydney Olympics where it was evident that the game had progressed to the point that pitching dominated the game and that fences only 200 feet away gave the power hitters a bit of an advantage. The new rule changes will be in effect for all international softball involving female athletes and gets its first test during next years Women's Fast Pitch World Cup in Canada.
(November 29)

World Cup: Dutch to play in Pool B
TAMPA (USA) - During the ISF-Congress, the placements for the 2002 Senior World Championships were announced.
The Dutch team will play in Pool B together with Australia, Cuba, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Venezuela.
Playing in Pool A are Botswana, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands Antilles, Taiwan and defending champion USA.
The World Cup, a qualifying event for the 2004 Olympics, will be played July 27-August 4 in Saskatoon, Canada.
(November 29)

ISF Board members (re)elected; World Cup awarded
TAMPA (USA) - During the 20th Congress of the International Softball Federation (ISF), delegates re-elected President Don Porter (USA) unanimously. Porter (on the photo right) is ISF's President since 1987.
Also re-elected was current Secretary-General Andrew Loechner (USA) (on the photo left) and First Vice President Clovis Lodewijks (Netherlands Antilles). Returning as Regional Vice Presidents are Dale McMann (Canada) for North America, Steven Huang (Taiwan) for Asia, Mrs. Huxian He (China) for Asia and Matthews Kutemala (South Africa) for Africa.
Elected Regional Vice President were: Pavel Prachar (Czech Republic) and Ramaz Goglidze (Georgia) for Europe, Fernando Aren (Argentina) and Rafael Serrano (Puerto Rico) for Latin America and Bob Leveloff (New Zealand) for Oceania.

Also, the 2003 Junior World Championships was awarded to Guangzhou (China) and the XI Men's World Championships in 2004 to Christchurch (New Zealand), which beat the Czech Republic by five votes.
(November 29)

World Championships Baseball
Dutch finish in seventh place
Dutch finish in seventh place
TAIPEI (Taiwan) - The Dutch team finished the 34th World Cup in seventh place after beating the Dominican Republic 7-3 on Sunday-morning. The Dutch team was outhit 10-8, but had three productive rallies. More and Box Score
(November 18)

Photo Gallery
Coming soon: World Championship Photo Gallery

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Game 6: Cuban hits hurt Dutch
Game 5: Dutch clinch with record fourth consecutive win!
Game 4: HomerHOENs in third Dutch shutout!
Game 3: Dutch also shutout Philippines
Game 2: CelebratHOEN Time! Dutch hand Russians huge shutout
Game 1: Dutch open Cup with loss

Dutch World Cup exhibition games (including recaps and box scores)
Dutch finish with exhibition loss
Dutch beat South Africa
'HOMERISENIA'!!! Dutch also win second exhibition
Dutch team wins first exhibition game

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Nov. 19: Two Dutch players win individual award.
Nov. 19: Cuba claims 23rd world title.
Nov. 18: Taiwan wins bronze medal.
Nov. 18: Panama beats Korea for fifth place.
Nov. 17: Cuba and USA clinch final.
Nov. 13: Eenhoorn elected in Athletes Commission.
Nov. 7: Dutch applies for World Cup 2005 candidacy.

Holland Series
Neptunus Dutch champion
BUSSUM (Neth.) - Neptunus shutout HCAW 2-0 to win the Holland Series and claim its seventh Dutch title and third consecutively. Neptunus became the first team since 1985 to win three championships in a row. Back then, Haarlem Nicols won four back-to-back titles. Neptunus also became the 80th champion in Dutch baseball history.
Game Four was a pitching duel between surprise starter Erik Remmerswaal (Neptunus) and Patrick de Lange (HCAW), but it was the first who dominated the game, striking out nine and giving up five hits. De Lange gave up only four hits in 8 2/3 innings, but the first was the game-winner in the first inning when Dirk van 't Klooster hit a solo-homerun. After going hitless in the next four innings, Neptunus rallied in the sixth. With one out and Jeroen Sluijter on first, a comebacker by Melfried Comenencia to De Lange resulted in a throw to second, but Sluijter was called safe. Next, Van 't Klooster, who was named the series MVP, walked to load the bases. Percy Isenia then hit into a force play, retiring Sluijter at home, but on the infield-hit by Ken Brauckmiller, Comenencia scored the second run, then Van 't Klooster was tagged out at home trying to score the third. HCAW was close to scoring in the third when it got runners on second and third with only one out. However, the runner on third was caught in a rundown on a grounder to third. Remmerswaal pitched outstanding and retired twelve of the last fifteen batters he faced.
(October 6)
Line Score

Previous stories Holland Series & Play-Offs

Holland Series
Sparks Dutch champion!
OOSTERHOUT (Neth.) - Sparks became Dutch champion on Saturday, winning 7-4 vs. Twins to complete a four-game sweep and win the best-of-seven Holland Series.
Sparks trailed 2-1 in the third, when the team scored twice on a triple by Joyce Fortgens. In the fifth, Twins tied the score when Thally van Beijeren scored on a single by Daisy de Peinder, but in the seventh, Sparks re-gained the lead, scoring four runs. In the inning, a double by Manon Schol resulted in the go-ahead run. Later, she scored herself on a basesloaded walk, which was followed by a two-run single by Kirsten Boots.
(September 29)

Line Scores

Holland Series
Storks Dutch champion!
THE HAGUE (Neth.) - On Saturday, Storks won the Dutch championship for the first time in club-history, shutting out TIW-Survivors twice, 5-0 and 2-0 to sweep the best-of-seven Holland Series.
(September 22)

EC-1: Thamen misses Cup
UITHOORN (Neth.) - After staying unbeaten in the tournament, Thamen ended up emptyhanded, losing the final of the European Cup-event, 3-2 to Chomutov Beavers of the Czech Republic.
(September 15)

EC-1: Terrasvogels finish third
SANTPOORT (Neth.) - Terrasvogels was shutout 3-0 by Forli (Italy) to settle for third place. Forli later was beaten 1-0 by Macerata (Italy) in a rainshortened final game.
(September 8)

EC-2: Sparks wins CupWinners Cup!
RONCHI DEI LEGIONARI (Italy) - Sparks won 8-1 vs. Chechie Praha (Czech Republic) to capture the CupWinners Cup. In the game, Joyce Fortgens went 3-for-4 with three RBI's, while Kim Kluijskens and Sabine Franssen had two hits and Jolanda Kroesen homered.
Chechie Praha reached the final after winning 5-1 vs. Rivas Vaciamadrid (Spain), which had eliminated Azzano (Italy) by winning 11-1.
The team also won three individual awards, as Kim Kluijskens was voted MVP, while Lynn Geertman was the Best Hitter with an .636 average and Jacqueline Knol the Best Pitcher.
(September 8)

EC: Dutch finish in second place
ANTWERP-MERKSEM (Belgium) - The Dutch team was defeated 3-1 in the final by Czech Republic, which prolonged its European title.
(August 18)

BONN (Germany) - The Netherlands captured the European title for the 17th time, shutting out Russia 4-0 on Sunday.
(August 5)

Special page European Championships

Cuba wins World Port Tournament
ROTTERDAM (Neth.) - On Sunday, Cuba won the ninth edition of the Eneco World Port Tournament, beating the national team of The Netherlands, 7-2 in the final game, which was completed despite heavy rain and two lengthy rain-delays.
Dutch outfielder Dirk van 't Klooster won four individual awards, as he was the leading hitter and was voted MVP, Most Popular Player and won the Donald Bax Press Award.
Earlier, on Friday, the Dutch were beaten 5-4 by Cuba in a recordsetting seventeen inning, almost five hour game, which was the 500th official international game of the Dutch national team. Also, the Dutch won the 100th contest ever against Italy, 7-4.
(July 8)

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