Construction Plans

In this picture, that i received from someone else who built a pair of Karlsons, you can see a half-finished Karlson enclosure, in wich the tilted speakerbaffle can be seen very clearly.

The links below are 'blueprints' of some Karlson designs.

The First is the original design by John E. Karlson, redrawn by me for more clarity. If you are going to construct this one, please do carefull calculations of measurements that are not in this design (can be derived from other measurements). 15 inch driver.

Another K15 plan

Second comes a somewhat improved but smaller design:
An enclosure for a 12 inch driver. (Warning 430K gif !)
An 8 or 10 inch driver can also be used in it.

Another '12 incher' is the Popular Mechanics K12 design

Look in the articles section for the Ledbetter and other mods.

Although the designs for the Trapezium, 18 inch driver Karlson (from now on
i'll call it the K18T) are almost done, i dont have time, money or space to build a prototype right now. Still, some rendered images can be seen here.