Maassluis, the right entrance....

Starting from this page you can visit the 'Groote kerk' at Maassluis with the famous 'Garrels organ'. The agenda of organ-recitals (in Dutch) and the agenda of events and other concerts (in dutch) are available as well.

A separate site has been dedicated to the life and work of the organ builder 'Rudolph Garrels (in Dutch)', the organist Feike Asma (in Dutch) and the organist of the present day Jaap Kroonenburg (in Dutch).

You will also find information about the Reformist parish community of the 'Groote Kerk' (in Dutch).

Would you like to learn more about Maassluis, you can visit the homepage of
'Maassluis Digital City'

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version: October 31, 2005
translation: Joke en Anneke Wijnhorst