het wapen

Sestina of the Tramp-Royal

SPEAKING in general, I have tried them all:

The happy roads that take you over the world.

Speaking in general, I have found them good

For such as cannot use one bed too long,

But must get hence, the same as I have done,

And go observing matters till they die.


What does it matter where or how we die,

So long as we've our health to watch it all --

The different ways that different things are done,

And men and women loving in this world;

Taking our chances as they come along,

And when they aren't, pretending they are good?


In cash or credit -- no, it is no good;

You've to have the habit or you'd die,

Unless you lived your life but one day long,

Nor didn't prophesy nor fret at all,

But drew your tucker somehow from the world,

And never bothered what you might have done.


But, God, what things are there I haven't done?

I've turned my hand to most, and turned it good,

In various situations round the world

For  he that doesn’t work must surely die;

But that's no reason man should labour all

His life on one same shift -- life's none so long.


Therefore, from job to job I've moved along.

Pay couldn't  hold me when my time was done,

For something in my head upset it all,

Till  I had dropped whatever it was for good,

And, out at sea, beheld the dock-lights die,

And met my mate -- the wind that tramps the world!


It's like a book, I think, this blooming world,

Which you can read and care for just so long,

But presently you feel that you will die

Unless you get the page you're reading done,

And turn another -- likely not so good;

But what you're after is to turn them all.


God bless this world! Whatever she has done --

Except when awful long -- I've found it good.

So write, before I die, "He liked it all!"


Rudyard Kipling


het preferente vervoermiddel...

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Er gebeurt nog niet veel op deze pagina, die eigenlijk nog in ontwerp is.

Later zullen op deze pagina een aantal variaties op Rudyard Kipling worden geplaatst.

Verder wil ik degenen die zichzelf onmisbaar vinden (ken Uzelve nietwaar) een goede raad geven.

En tenslotte moet ik natuurlijk ook wat reclame maken voor mijn broer Kurt.

en voor een bevriende fysiotherapeute uit Rotterdam (en Oostvoorne) .

Opmerkingen over deze pagina kun je hier kwijt.

tot de volgende keer...

Ohja…. Dit katje is Ini, voluit Kucing Hitam Ini. Tezamen met haar broer Itu ( ja Kucing Hitam Itu) maakt ze me al tien jaar gelukkig.

Daarom zijn die twee ook het onderwerp van mijn meest recente theologische verhandeling . En dat gaat niet over fortune