Classic cars
The Singer,

someone called it once the ultimate sportscar.
Is the 4AD roadster, you can see this car on the pictures below, that ultimate sportscar?
We, Jan and Wouter, think so. Jan bought this car in may 1995 and was from that moment really keened on this
little car. Unlike the Jaguar, Austin or Morris, the 4AD is open, and although it has a low topspeed (100 km/u, 60 mph)
it is really fun to drive, especially in summer.
Here are some facts about this lovely car:

If you're in the neighbourhood (Sluis, Zeeland), and you want to see the Singer, be our guest!

The pics:

Singer Pic 1 September '96 (© Wout)

Singer Pic 2 October '96 (© Wout)

Singer Pic 3 October '96 (© Wout)

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