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Homepage from Jeanne, Wim and Lars-Arvid van Sambeek

Our hobby's, our business and the Van Sambeeks

Our favourite car

Volvo PV 52 1937
(the oldest VOLVO known in the Netherlands)

Owned by Jeanne van Sambeek
Her classic car, a 64 years old Volvo PV 52

More about the Volvo hobby

For more then 20 years Jeanne is daily driving her Volvo Amazon, while Wim is repairing and
restoring (if there is time left after workinghours) her collection.

  • Colour-codes used by Volvo on the Amazon.
  • Some things worth knowing about development of the Amazon (in Dutch)
  • A unique project in the '50: an original built V-8 Amazon (in Dutch)
  • 1000 Classic Volvo's: An attempt from the dutch Volvo V44 Vereniging to line up 1000 Classic Volvo's
  • An other car from Jeanne's collection: Volvo PV60 1948. (in Dutch)  

  • Our business

    Working as the fifth generation in our in 1822 founded painters firm
    only in Dutch, the english site is still under construction


    An other interesting hobby

    The Van Sambeek Family

    News concerning the van Sambeek family you can find on the Van Sambeek's Homepage made by our (second,..second) cousins Wil en Frits van Sambeek with a Genealogy List from familymembers as well in the Netherlands as in the USA.
    Familynews, information about the village SAMBEEK and many more items !!

    Family reunion in Appleton USA

    In 1998 Tonnie van Sambeek, Miranda Hornes, Adrie and Paula van Sambeek and Wim van Sambeek took part in a Family Reunion in Appleton,WI, organised by the childeren of Pete van Sambeek who went around 1911 from Drunen the Netherlands to Kimberley US.

    The van Sambeek Family infront of the church.July 26th 1998.

    Our mailbox

    Lars-Arvid is feeding duck's during our annual picnic
    by lake Innaren near Växjö in Sweden.       August 1996.

    Our mailbox

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