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Updated 04 maart 1999
       Dutch version
The links marked by a * are renewed and/or updated
Parenteel D.H. Wolgen
~ ca. 1741 Schildwolde  *
Pedigree A. van Ede
~ 25-12-1941 Amsterdam   *
Pedigree J.C. Wolgen
~ 03-03-1962 Amsterdam  *
Lastnames  *
In 1995 I was getting interested in genealogy and especially in the research of the name Wolgen. Once started this hobby I couldn't stop and I started to research about all  my ancestors.
For this reason I had to travel a lot from archive to archive and from Groningen to Middelburg and from Leeuwarden to Maastricht. It shure was good for my national geographics.
It seems like a virus infecting my live and even my friends. Some of them started to research the're own pedigree. I must say it's more fun to travel and visit a archive with a friend.

The information I've gathered this way is not the only information I have. Some familymembers but also friendly genealogists have donated information when I asked and even when I didn't!! Thank you all!!!
I don't want to keep this for myself so that's why I made this homepage. At the top of this page are some links to the information so enjoy these pages!
It's a nice way to share information and sometimes it brings family together. For example: Some family in Canada saw the name Wolgen and contacted me. And guess what.... they are family!!
One of themhas his own homepage. You can find it at: Marks Homepage .

My pedigree research also involves Denmark and all by myself I could not do a lot of research there.
By placing a note in a genealogical newsgroup I got in contact with Birthe. A bigger support I couldn't have!! She's also investigating her own pedigree. You can find her at Birthe's homepage

Two young members of the Dutch side of the Wolgen family are Celine and Raico, the twingirl and boy of my sister and as a proud aunt I have to show you this picture :-) .

Celine en Raico

Do you have any information, questions or comments, don't hesistate and send me an email!!!!

CRISTA'S letterbox

There are more people with this strange hobby. Some of them made a page and included there information on it. These pages are a great source for others!! So go on and visit some of them.
Maybe get inspired and make your own page!!!

personal pages other handy pages
Genealogy Molema - Smitshoek Centraal Buro voor Genealogie
Homepage van Harm Selling Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Genealogie
Homepage van de familie Arnoldus Progen genealogical program
Homepage van Dick Kuil Genealogy Gateway links on the internet
Battjes Family Genealogy Homepage Geneanet
Wim Paternotte GAZ: Archiefnet
Familie Geertsema  * Genealogie pagina for the province Groningen
Bas en Elise Laurier GenLias
P.Jager (zeeeeeeeeer verre familie :-)  ) Ancestry (internationaal zoeken op naam)
Sjouwke's Homepage Landelijke genealogische kalender

Links to other nice spots on the internet may not be left out on my page. The internet is not only genealogy:-)

The Dutch Connection (IRC in the Netherlands) Tucows downloads  *
Saxofoons op het internet  *
Frank Condron's Drivers and updates  *
Salvador Dali (mijn favoriete artiest)  *
Michaels Hometurf (geluiden en powwow)
Card Central (stuur eens een e-card naar je vrienden)  * Airliners (voor de liefhebbers: vliegtuigfoto's)  *
Horos website (moet je zien!!)  * De Nederlandse internet Encyclopedie  *
My most important link is to the homepage of THE greatest guy of IRC.... WOLFJE who's sweet words makes many womenhearts beats faster.

A link I had to place here is to the site of Eric en Esther. Friends of the family who are active joining genealogy only they practice more the expansion of it:-).
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet


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