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Field Mice | For Keeps + Singles

LTM present the first reissue of the entire works of the Field Mice (on 3 CD's), the cult South London band who recorded for the Sarah label between 1988 and 1991. They later became Northern Picture Library and chief songwriter Bobby Wratten now fronts Trembling Blue Stars.
For Keeps + Singles combines the third and final Field Mice album For Keeps (released in October 1991) with all tracks from the singles September's Not So Far Away and Missing the Moon. By 1991 the band were a five piece, with founders Bobby Wratten and Michael Hiscock joined by guitarist Harvey Williams, drummer Mark Dobson and Annemari Davies on vocals and keyboards. These swansong records prove once again that The Field Mice were one of the most underrated and misunderstood bands of their era, representing the missing link between Postcard Records and Belle and Sebastian.
The band's farewell ep Missing The Moon was made 'Total Absolute Single of the Week' by the NME in September 1991, praised as heralding the long-awaited meeting of Pop and Acid House.
The CD features 15 remastered tracks, and contains detailed biographical notes in the booklet.

| tracklist
01 Five Moments
02 Star Of David
03 Coach Station Reunion
04 This Is Not Here
05 Of The Perfect Kind
06 Tilting At Windmills
07 Think Of These Things
08 Willow
09 And Before The First Kiss
10 Freezing Point
11 Missing The Moon
12 A Wrong Turn And Raindrops
13 An Earlier Autumn
14 September's Not So Far Away
15 Between Hello And Goodbye



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