Computer experience: 
DMX-1000 (PDP-11), Commodore (C16 and C64), Atari (Mega) ST, Macintosh/Apple (PPC-Intel):
(Plus, LC, LCII, LCIII, G3, G4, G5, MacPro).  NEXT, and  some experience with Amiga and DOS/Windows machines. C / Unix Programming on DEC Alpha, Silicon Graphics, Solaris Sun and Mips.
* Experience with programming languages: 
C/C++  (Borland Turbo C, Think C 5.0 & 6.0 & 7.0.2 and other compilers, Code Warrior 8.0, CW  IDE 3.0), Lisp (KCL-Lisp, Macintosh CommonLisp 2.0b1 en 4.0 + CLOS, LispWorks 5.x), Forth (Mach 2), Basic (several), Assembly (MAS-68K, 56001/2), HyperCard/HyperTalk™, Logo, Pascal and MPW, and Unix, Linux, XCode 2.x - 3.x.
* Music Software experience: 
 CSound, Finale™ (3.0, 3.2.1, 3.7.2, 2002 and 2004b, 2007, 2010), Performer™ (3.75, 5.0 and 5.1) en Digital Performer (> 4.6, 5.x, 6.x and 7.x), UniSyn™ (1.0), Sound Designer II™/Protools, Cubase, Deck II, Logic Audio, Lemur, Cochlea,  Thonk, BP2, Soundhack, SuperCollider, Studio Vision Pro, Max/MSP (also in programming Max/MSP  external objects), Pluggo’s (creating them as well),  AudioSculpt, SPEAR, Kyma (etc !),
* MIDI O.S.: 
 Midimanager, OMS en FreeMidi. (with programming (C) experiences in Midimanager and OMS).
Coörperated with:

 - Harry de Wit: 
Grand opening Holland Festival, outside on the Leidscheplein, Amsterdam.10th of June 1998           Live Signal/Music Processing.

 - Marco Blaauw: 
Live Signal/Music Processing for the composition Urque at the Impakt Festival at  Theater                             Kikker, Utrecht, May 1998. In 2001 I wrote also a solo piece for him (Helmet & Sling).
Released on CD (WERGO

 - Kees Wieringa: 
Composed a live interactive Piano Piece with the IRCAM-ISPW/Next combination, performed in 1996, Theater Kikker Utrecht. And in 2000 worked with him on the ‘van Doesburg’ project for 2 major museums in the Netherlands: ‘Centraal Museum’ Utrecht & ‘Krüller Müller’ Museum.

 - Manuel Cooymans: 
Composed a live interactive electronic percussion piece ‘Modus’ (has been released on CD     (‘Dreams of transformation’  DJC CD 221), and has been performed several times). 
And he is my major advisor on acoustics and all kinds of recording techniques.

 - René Berman: 
Made a special Live Signal/Music Processing composition for a radiobroadcast from the         ‘Walter Maas Huis’,  Bilthoven (broadcasted: 22 of October  1996). (commisioned by Dutch radio: NCRV). 
Ramsey Nasser: 
Solo-production (zuidelijk toneel) ‘Geen lied’.
Pierre Audi: 
TGA production ‘Oidipous’.
Ivo van Hove: 
Zuidelijk Toneel production ‘India Song’.
Gerard jan Rijnders: 
TGA production ‘Stalker’.

- Trimpin: 
Worked with him to make it possible to perform the best pieces for player-piano from the     American composer Conlon Nancarrow (Utrecht, November 1997).
Jorge Lòpez: 
Gebirgskrieg (Mountain war) project (2003).Take a look at Schott-music (Wergo).
Ted Szántò: 
5.1 DVD project (2006). (Mastering etc.)
Willem Willemse: 
On the MMM_Transforms DVD project.
- UCC: Paul Bruinen, Jorrit Tamminga and Barbara Woof on the “Vijfde Snaar project” (The fifth string): a project for the Zephyr stringkwartet (2006).
- UCC: Paul Bruinen, Jorrit Tamminga and Barbara Woof on the “De Regelmeesters project”  a project for the Trio Belle Horreur (2008).
- UCC: Paul Bruinen, Jorrit Tamminga and Barbara Woof on the “Chorus ex Machina project” : a project for the Hollands Vocaal Ensemble (2009).
UCC: Paul Bruinen, Jorrit Tamminga and Barbara Woof on the “Electra’s second Life” project: a project for the Electra ensemble together with Marcel Wierckx for Computer Graphics (2010).