Grand Slam
Baseball CupWinners Cup 2002, A-Pool
Regensburg (Germany)
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CupWinners Cup 2000, A-Pool
Regensburg (Germany)

Schedule & Results

Wednesday, June 19
Brasschaat Braves vs. NTNT Tornado's, 1-3 (Line Score)
Arga Burlada vs. Montpellier Barracudas, 9-15
Regensburg Legionäre vs. DPA Kinheim, 0-10 (8 inn.) (Line Score)

Thursday, June 20
Montpellier Barracudas vs. Regensburg Legionäre, 3-5
Technika Brno vs. Brasschaat Braves, 8-9
DPA Kinheim vs. Arga Burlada, 10-2 (Line Score)

Friday, June 21
NTNT Tornado's vs. Technika Brno, 4-3 (Line Score)
Montpellier Barracudas vs. DPA Kinheim, 0-20 (7 inn.) (Line Score)
Regensburg Legionäre vs. Arga Burlada, 6-1

1DPA KINHEIM (The Netherlands) (*)33--6-4021.000
2REGENSBURG LEGIONÄRE (Germany) (*)321-411114.667
3MONTPELLIER BARRACUDAS (France)312-211834.333
4ARGA BURLADA (Spain)3-3-031231.000
1NTNT TORNADO'S (The Netherlands) (*)22--4-741.000
2BRASSCHAAT BRAVES (Belgium) (*)211-211011.500
3TECHNIKA BRNO (Czech Republic)2-2-021113.000
(*) - to semi-finals

Saturday, June 22
5th - 7th place
Technika Brno (Nr. 3 Pool B) vs. Arga Burlada (Nr. 4 Pool A), 2-6
X: DPA Kinheim (Nr. 1 Pool A) vs. Brasschaat Braves (Nr. 2 Pool B), 3-2 (Line Score)
Y: NTNT Tornado's (Nr. 1 Pool B) vs. Regensburg Legionäre (Nr. 2 Pool A), 9-1 (Line Score)

Sunday, June 23
5th - 7th place
Montpellier Barracudas (Nr. 3 Pool A) vs. Technika Brno (Nr. 3 Pool B), 9-3

1MONTPELLIER BARRACUDAS (France)22--4-24121.000
2ARGA BURLADA (Spain)211-211517.500
3TECHNIKA BRNO (Czech Republic) (*)2-2-02515.000
(*) - Czech spot to play in B-Pool in 2003

3rd / 4th place
Brasschaat Braves (Loser X) vs. Regensburg Legionäre (Loser Y), 5-6
NTNT Tornado's (Winners Y) vs. DPA Kinheim (Winner X), 2-6 Line Score

Final Standings

1. DPA Kinheim (The Netherlands), 2. NTNT Tornado's (The Netherlands), 3. Regensburg Legionäre (Germany), 4. Brasschaat Braves (Belgium), 5. Montpellier Barracudas (France), 6. Arga Burlada (Spain), 7. Technika Brno (Czech Republic).

Line Scores

Wednesday, June 19
Brasschaat Braves - NTNT Tornado's 1-3RHE
NTNT Tornado's000000012371
Brasschaat Braves001000000142
pitchers Tornado'sinn.SOBBHRER
Tetsuhiro Monna710241-
Jimmy Summers, W (1-0)22----
pitchers Brasschaatinn.SOBBHRER
Samuel Meurant, L (0-1)8 (*)51622
Roger De Saedeleer11-11-
(*) - Meurant pitched to one batter in the ninth inning
Umpires: HP-Dirk Glassner (Germany), 1B-Hervé Ligny (France), 3B-Thomas Adamec (Czech Republic). Time-2:33 hr.recap

Regensburg Legionäre - DPA Kinheim 0-10 (8 inn.)RHE
DPA Kinheim2300004110133
Regensburg Legionäre00000000021
pitchers Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Patrick Beljaards, W (1-0)68-1--
Jerry Breek2211--
pitchers Regensburginn.SOBBHRER
Almstetter, L (0-1)1.212654
Brummer1 (*)13343
(*) - Brummer pitched to six batters in the eighth inning
Umpires: HP-, 1B-, 3B-. Time-0:00 hr.recap

Thursday, June 20
DPA Kinheim - Arga Burlada 10-2RHE
Arga Burlada000020000267
DPA Kinheim10025002x10122
pitcher Argainn.SOBBHRER
Gabriel Jimenez, L (0-1)84412107
pitchers Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Tim Keuter, W (1-0)662522
Jimmy v.d. Veldt2-1---
Richard Beljaards1-11--
Umpires: HP-, 1B-, 3B-. Time-0:00 hr.recap

Friday, June 21
NTNT Tornado's - Technika Brno 4-3RHE
Technika Brno000001002361
NTNT Tornado's00211000x452
pitcher Technikainn.SOBBHRER
Jan Pokorny, L (0-1)867543
pitchers Tornado'sinn.SOBBHRER
Erik Lindeman, W (1-0)7.122311
Elton Koeiman1--322
Jimmy Summers, SV (1)0.21----
Umpires: HP-Jens Wolfhagen (Germany), 1B-Ludo Peeters (Belgium), 3B-Hervé Ligny (France). Official Scorer-Arek Skrzypczak (Germany). Techn. Commissioner-Peter Strom (Sweden). Time-2:26 hr.recap

Montpellier Barracudas - DPA Kinheim 0-20 (7 inn.)RHE
DPA Kinheim003642520122
Montpellier Barracudas0000000054
pitcher Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Nick Stuifbergen, W (1-0)7515--
pitchers Montpellierinn.SOBBHRER
Lauren Andrades, L (0-1)4.1296139
Thomas Lavergne1-3111
Yann Bourrier1.222566
Umpires: HP-Thomas Adamec (Czech Republic), 1B-Manuel Sanchez (Spain), 3B-Dirk Glassner (Germany). Official Scorer-Ralph Seifert (Germany). Techn. Commissioner-Jean-Marie Meurant (France). Time-2:45 hr.recap

Saturday, June 22
DPA Kinheim - Brasschaat Braves 3-2 (semi-final)RHE
Brasschaat Braves000000200241
DPA Kinheim00000210x382
pitchers Brasschaatinn.SOBBHRER
Roger De Saedeleer, L (0-1)6.134632
Samuel Meurant1.21-2--
pitcher Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Tajah Merrill, W (1-0)9146422
Homeruns: Brasschaat: Erwin Maes (1); Kinheim: Marcel Joost (1).
Umpires: HP-Dirk Glassner (Germany), 1B-Manuel Sanchez (Spain), 3B-Jens Wolfhagen (Germany). Official Scorer-Arek Skrzypczak (Germany). Techn. Commissioner-Jean-Marie Meurant (France). Time-0:00 hr.recap

NTNT Tornado's - Regensburg Legionäre 9-1 (semi-final)RHE
Regensburg Legionäre000001000143
NTNT Tornado's14030001x9162
pitcher Regensburginn.SOBBHRER
Paco Garcia, L (0-1)8411694
pitchers Tornado'sinn.SOBBHRER
Orlando Stewart, W (1-0)68-41-
Elton Koeiman, SV (1)34----
Umpires: HP-Thomas Adamec (Czech Republic), 1B-Hervé Ligny (France), 3B-Manuel Sanchez (Spain). Official Scorer-Stephan Winkler (Germany). Techn. Commissioner-Peter Strom (Sweden). Time-2:23 hr.recap

Sunday, June 23
NTNT Tornado's - DPA Kinheim 2-6 (final)RHE
DPA Kinheim100120200671
NTNT Tornado's000000200284
pitchers Kinheiminn.SOBBHRER
Patrick Beljaards, W (2-0)6 (*)31722
Tim Keuter, SV (1)3221--
(*) - Beljaards pitched to three batters in the seventh inning
pitchers Tornado'sinn.SOBBHRER
Tetsuhiro Monna, L (0-1)4.272542
Jimmy Summers4.12422-
Umpires: HP-, 1B-, 3B-. Official Scorer-. Techn. Commissioner-. Time-0:00 hr.recap

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